Happy Birthday "Message in a Box" Petits Fours Gift Box


Open the ribbon-wrapped box and, voila!...a bright, cheery wish for a Happy Birthday greets the recipient!  And the best part?  Each petits fours letter is an absolutely irresistible, delicious bite of good wishes and love from you!  Chocolate cake, chocolate fill and icing; choose letter/design color only. 

You may choose the deisgn for either side of the word "DAY":  Daisy (as pictured); None (blank); Age  (e.g. 24 DAY 24); or birth month and day which will be split on either side (e.g. September 19 will be 09 DAY 19).

Gift boxed and tied with a bow. Available for mail order, too!



choose one to be used for letters, numbers, borders and all other designs
for either side of the word "DAY"
Enter an age, e.g. 24 or month/day, e.g. 09/19.

Please note: We require a minimum of 48 hours advance notice to prepare this order. 

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