"Coffee & pastry, pick up breakfast or special occasion treats at Duane Park Patisserie bakery is the BEST in Tribeca!"

-- Trip Advisor Review, March 2017

"Someone gave me petits fours with my initials, from Duane Park Patisserie. It was like receiving four tiny, darling birthday cakes."

– Kathryn Stockett, author of The Help (O, The Oprah Magazine, September 2011)

“'TriBeCa's favorite neighborhood patisserie'...specializing in...treats like 'petits fours to die for'

Zagat New York City Food Lover's Guide 2011/2012

“The cake was a big WOW! Yes it tasted great, but was purely a piece of edible art….bravo!  It is amazing how you took a 10 minutes conversation and perfectly captured EXACTLY what we were hoping for.  Thank you for making this day even more special for my family.”

– Ed Brown, Celebrity Chef, 2011

“Your delightful sugar cookies and ginger cookies are tremendous.  I have taken to hiding the remainder of the cookies for myself.   I just wanted you to know that one family in Florida has a new favorite Christmas Cookie.”

– Jeannette, Florida, 2010

“The desserts you prepared for our New York Oscar Night Party rivaled any other dessert I have seen and eaten in several years...Your creativity is heaven sent and your hands are touched by angels.”

– Patrick Harrison, NY Events Director, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, 2005

“[At] Duane Park Patisserie in TriBeCa, where the art of the petit four is flourishing….Ms. Lanciani's petit fours are exquisite, jewel-like....Eating one at a time required extraordinary self-discipline and left my taste buds begging for more.”

– Ralph Gardner.  "Tiny Reasons for Hope." The Wall Street Journal, 2011

“The cake itself was a hazelnut torte with raspberry preserves and ganache filling, wrapped and decorated with marzipan – and it was divine ... I’ve had at least three of Madeline Lanciani’s cakes, and all have been winners.”

Ruth J. Katz. “Let Us Eat Cake.” New York Magazine, 1993

“Tribeca’s Duane Park Patisserie can take virtually any design and put it on a cake.”

Time Out New York Kids, 2005

“Ms. Lanciani prepares luscious brownies, cheesecakes and tarts … But it is her vividly decorated holiday cookies – designer cookies, you could say – that make people break out in a sugar sweat.”

– “Cookie Monsters Are Rejoicing” The New York Times, 1995
Brides Magazine June/July 2016.  One of our lovely custom-made wedding cakes!
Brides Magazine August/September 2014.  Our petits fours...again!!
Design Hunting Summer 2014 - New York Magazine - Our Scones!
Brides Magazine December 2013/January 2014. Our petits fours!
NYTimes T Magazine Ad Copy: Photographers like our petits fours as artful images!
Cosmopolitan December 2013 Gift Guide (our Message In A Box)
"Chopped" Champion! The Food Network, July 2013. Doing whatever it takes to win!
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